China’s machine tool industry, “eighteen Luohan factory”

Before the founding of new China, China has no machine tool industry, only in Shanghai and other places a small number of enterprises to create some simple machine tools. In 1952, the central government held in Beijing, the first machine conference, for the future development of China’s machine tool industry set the tone. Since then, with reference to the former Soviet experts suggested that China in the three years of national economic recovery and “one five” period, through the transformation and construction of some of the machinery plant, the initial establishment of China’s machine tool industry, which identified 18 key enterprises, They are called “eighteen Lohan factory”.

Metal processing “(formerly” mechanical workers “) 60 years since the beginning, in the machine tool industry, including the field of metal processing has a profound historical accumulation, not only recorded the” 18 Rohan factory “many important historical moments, and the first report of China’s machine Many of the major technological achievements in the field.

Now the new China machine tool industry, “18 Rohan factory” list in the following, the order roughly from north to south area: Qiqihar first machine tool plant, Qiqihar second machine tool plant, Shenyang first machine tool plant, Shenyang second machine tool plant, Shenyang First Machine Tool Plant, Dalian Machine Tool Plant, Beijing First Machine Tool Plant, Beijing No.2 Machine Tool Plant, Tianjin First Machine Tool Plant, Jinan First Machine Tool Plant, Jinan Second Machine Tool Plant, Chongqing Machine Tool Plant, Nanjing Machine Tool Plant, Wuxi Machine Tool Plant, Wuhan heavy machine tool plant, Changsha Machine Tool Plant, Shanghai Machine Tool Plant and Kunming Machine Tool Plant. Among them, the Shenyang Machine Tool Plant, Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Plant was included in the early founding of the “156 key construction projects.”

In the early days of the founding of the PRC, the Soviet Union had a positive impact on the creation and development of China’s machine tool industry. On the one hand, the Soviet Union of China’s mechanical technology experts and China’s Soviet Union to return to the country’s engineering and technical personnel in the plant to guide the application of advanced manufacturing technology (see Figure 1); the other hand, our producers continue to learn a variety of Soviet production practice experience (Such as Figure 2), such as the two machine tools Ma Hengchang group, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant Sheng, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant, Lee (invention “carbide bench stepper”), etc., “mechanical workers” have done for many years of continuous reports, far-reaching impact.



The learning process of Mechanical Specialties

I’ve been busy lately, and I haven’t updated my blog for some time. Let’s talk about the latest ideas.

Compared with other majors, mechanical students have their own unique characteristics in their study and life, and our practice is very much. Not only to learn the book, but also to know how to use it. The purpose of specialized courses is to apply and to study and apply these knowledge in practice. A lot of knowledge, we seem to learn, in fact, more complex than imagined. In practice, experience and understanding of knowledge, learning, this is the machine learning method of students. Next, I want to combine mechanical professional learning content, from the following three aspects to talk about the practical ability in mechanical students learning life importance.
Metalworking practice is a very meaningful summer internship. During the internship, I came into contact with casting, welding, welding, fitter, machine tools, CNC wire cutting, heat treatment, CNC milling machine and other mechanical processing means, these things I used only in books have a certain understanding of concrete are not particularly clear. Through hands-on operation, I can master the basic processing methods of these machines well. On the other hand, the internship experience let me have a specific and vivid understanding of mechanical industry, know their future working environment and mode of operation is a series of production equipment in the production workshop, design and machining and mechanical machining products in accordance with the strict requirements. In the metalworking practice, the teacher asked us to approach the actual production and working system as closely as possible, which made us feel very different from the class in the classroom, and realized the importance of discipline in production. We must strictly abide by the processing standards, according to production steps, step by step processing, processing qualified parts, put an end to waste of raw materials. In practice, the security problem is the priority among priorities, to wear long sleeved pants, wearing a hat, to prevent the relatively high temperature of the iron splashed on the skin and hair. In strict accordance with the operating procedures processing, always pay attention to their personal safety.
During the internship, I also met a lot of strange professional terms, such as lathe chuck, handle, wire rod, wheel flange bushing; the connecting rod of automobile gearbox; different tool has many names, such as thread cutter, cutting knife, knife, car inner hole lining the hole tool, round nose turning, turning, rough finishing tool etc.. This greatly stimulated my thirst for knowledge. In the process of lathe practice, I want to process an axle. In order to ensure the accuracy of processing, there are three processing steps: rough, semi fine and fine. These three order can not be reversed, the difference is that each processing process to select the tool is not the same. 60 degree turning tools are selected for rough cars, 45 degree turning tools for semi precision cars, 30 degree turning tools for precision cars. Fitter Practice is tired and busy, three days time we saw and grinding, most of the time to complete the station. CNC lathes, wire cutting, CNC milling machine, mold, CAD, SolidWorks, PLC, these are about programming, although usually heard of, but in practice, it is not easy to use. In the process of programming, according to the processing parts, in strict accordance with the processing order and processing size programming. Otherwise it could damage the machine. See, students, a simple metalworking practice has such a rich content, you can let people learn so many things, you can see the importance of the practice link. Mechanical design, curriculum, comprehensive practice. After the course of mechanical design, the following is the comprehensive practice of mechanical design. I’m going to design a transmission. I encountered a lot of problems during the design of this transmission. First of all, to choose what mechanical components to realize deceleration effect, is the choice of belt wheel, worm gear or gear? According to the design of the reducer precision of production and application conditions, and applying conditions combined with the types of the three kinds of drive, I finally chose to use gear reducer to realize the purpose of. The gear drive is determined. The next step is to select the series of gears and the basic parameters of the gear according to the transmission ratio. These items are to be obtained by looking up the mechanical design manual. After determining the gear, I will further determine the phase matched with the gear shaft, keys, bearings, bearing cover etc., these structures have chosen design standards, according to the manual to determine their size parameters, machining precision and corresponding tolerance. After the completion of the design tasks, but also through three-dimensional modeling software to design their own things modeled. The process of modeling is very complicated. First, the required parts are built up to form a part library, and then the equipment is equipped in the parts library to generate the 3D model. After the 3D model is generated, the engineering drawings of the 3D model are further generated, and a more formal drawing is produced. This is the main process of this practice course. It has many things to do, including mechanical design, mechanical manufacture, 3D modeling and engineering drawing.



CNC machine tool industry in the magic weapon of the Japanese articles

First of all, cnc machining it seems that the world seems to be the world’s first machine tool industry in the world, no one, the most brands, the highest technology, the highest profits. In general, individuals do not. Light brands have Amada, Okuma, Mazak, Mori Seiki, Kurt, Makino, Czech Republic too Komatsu, Tian, MITSUBISHI, Sadegh, CITIZEN, Fuji, Toshiba, Nachi. Brother, Tianjin, Takizawa, Okamoto, Yuanzhou, Miyano and Jocos, speed skills, in the village of three wells, fine machine, and HSBC, Fuji, Matsuura, Takamatsu, bang wells, Kurashiki, sun engineering machine, and Ida, Gemma, Sumitomo heavy machine, Finland tech, FANUC, IKEGAI, 100. On the overall technology of the machine tool industry, output value, profit, the German machine tools, Swiss machine tools, in front of the Japanese machine tool is still a gap. Europe and the United States may have an advantage in a particular field of machine tools, but the Japanese machine tool industry has the advantages of a wide range of fields, amazing. Only a few dozens of people in Japan, small businesses, such as loose Pu, bang wells have its unique technical strength.
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The development of high-end CNC machine tools to cultivate new forms and new models

On the day of 2016, the integration of the machinery industry in the two conference held in Beijing science and technology hall. The meeting pointed out enterprise to promote standards and two of the fusion into the transformation and upgrading of the overall concept, adhere to the innovation driven, in intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, around the market demand, the new forms a new mode of cultivation, create new competitive advantages.
Data show that high-end CNC machine tools, domestic CNC system market share of only 5%. Analysts believe that high-end CNC machine tools in the domestic market promotion is the bottleneck in the development of the industry where, once the breakthrough, import substitution in sight. Next, the country is expected to introduce domestic CNC technology to support the application of the policy.
As a developing country with a weak foundation and a late start in China, there is a huge gap between the capital, technology and human resource quality in Europe and the United States. In human resources, land, capital, technology and information these five major factors of production, China has a certain advantage in the number of human resources. How to improve the overall quality of human resources, and give full play to the role of high-quality personnel?
Domestic top robot production enterprises in the branch of SIASUN Co., Ltd. orders increased rapidly, customers are only concentrated in the automotive field, but this year has been involved in various fields of daily use, food, chemical, etc.. “Approaching machine substitutions” era, the traditional workers decide on what path to follow?


China from a big manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, scholars believe that China not only to from personnel training efforts, gestation alongside Germany and manufacturing power industrial and cultural spirit, but also to avoid the enterprise in lean did not meet the blind engaged in automation advanced waste caused by.
July 12 morning 9 when, the second session of the Texas City workers vocational skills competition opening type held in Shandong pulisen group school auditorium, the contestants on behalf of the opening type a solemn oath. Next, they will use the superb skills and excelsior attitude, to show their artisan spirit belongs to.
“OEM robot” will not affect employment? 12. In 2016 world robotics conference news conference after the end, 2016 world robot general assembly, the Secretary General Xu Xiaolan accepted reporters said this: will not affect employment, on the contrary, it will provide more jobs.
Ministry of industry and information technology to develop the robot industry development norms, is currently seeking the views of relevant experts and enterprises. At a press conference held in July 12th at the 2016 world robotics conference, the Ministry of industry, deputy director of the Department of equipment industry Sun Feng announced the information to the outside world.




Internet + machining speed screening to open a new service model

At present, China’s cnc mahcining machinery industry is still in the traditional product development and marketing services, and offline and offline cooperative mode, the needs of consumers can not be fed back to the manufacturer, there is no communication and interaction between the two, which makes product development is not enough time, We can not meet the consumer’s individual needs. Manufacturers of information technology, automation, network level is still very low, mainly rely on human resources, which will lead to low productivity, waste rate, long production time, causing the user can not find a suitable mechanical processing and other issues.
According to the survey, more than 80% of people in some of the parts to be machined, often look flawless. Machinery industry, processing plants dazzling, but the quality is uneven, the face of such a mixed situation, how to quickly select a service to meet the needs of the manufacturers is particularly important. Service Level machinery industry has been lagging far behind other sectors, especially in the current popularity of the Internet thinking situation. Backward and the quality of the machinery industry information service has been a serious drag on. In this case, the “quick screening” came into being.
Speed ​​screening, dedicated to colleges and universities, small and medium enterprises provide one-stop rapid machining services. Speed ​​screening process on their own strength, and supporting oxidation plants, electroplating plants, polishing factory, welding factory formed strategic cooperation, to provide users with one-stop service. In speed screening process, only need to provide drawings to be processed, other things will speed screening all set.
Speed ​​screening of e-business models
Collaborative Manufacturing cloud platform, users and manufacturing resources through information, intelligence collaborative manufacturing platform connected;
So that the need for processing plants have the resources and users on the platform convenient for machining parts and processing resources required to manage the process of realization of the depth of collaboration;
Speed ​​plus Netcom optimize the allocation of resources for processing and scheduling, making idle processing resources are fully utilized, effectively explore the areas of expertise of different plants, and to the limit.
“To create” focus, extreme, and word of mouth, fast “service, with their own meager power to change traditional industries will be our great mission!” Tian said the chairman.


ABB Robotics Introduces New Machining PowerPac is fully optimized machining process

JIN MA INDUSTRIAL LIMITED: ABB Robotics recently launched a new Machining PowerPac plug. It can reduce the complexity of programming by 50%, and by optimizing the tool path machining robot that dramatically improves the ease of use and quality of production.

Four characteristics:

· Tailored design based on CAD / CAM applications: machining, burr fly to the side, ideal for grinding and polishing applications

· Easily generate machining path: to generate free-form surface machining path and curves

· Integrated post-processing program: seamless integration with the robot controller, create high-precision path from the CAM software

· New interface: the user adjust and optimize the process parameters to facilitate

Robot programming software industry pioneer ABB announce the latest version of the plug-RobotStudio® –Machining PowerPac, as machining, deburring burrs, polishing and other applications provide an ideal solution for programming. The software is widely used in CAD-model-based path generation operation, allowing the user to configure multi-pronged process specific applications cnc machining.