ABB Robotics Introduces New Machining PowerPac is fully optimized machining process

JIN MA INDUSTRIAL LIMITED: ABB Robotics recently launched a new Machining PowerPac plug. It can reduce the complexity of programming by 50%, and by optimizing the tool path machining robot that dramatically improves the ease of use and quality of production.

Four characteristics:

· Tailored design based on CAD / CAM applications: machining, burr fly to the side, ideal for grinding and polishing applications

· Easily generate machining path: to generate free-form surface machining path and curves

· Integrated post-processing program: seamless integration with the robot controller, create high-precision path from the CAM software

· New interface: the user adjust and optimize the process parameters to facilitate

Robot programming software industry pioneer ABB announce the latest version of the plug-RobotStudio® –Machining PowerPac, as machining, deburring burrs, polishing and other applications provide an ideal solution for programming. The software is widely used in CAD-model-based path generation operation, allowing the user to configure multi-pronged process specific applications cnc machining.

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