Internet + machining speed screening to open a new service model

At present, China’s cnc mahcining machinery industry is still in the traditional product development and marketing services, and offline and offline cooperative mode, the needs of consumers can not be fed back to the manufacturer, there is no communication and interaction between the two, which makes product development is not enough time, We can not meet the consumer’s individual needs. Manufacturers of information technology, automation, network level is still very low, mainly rely on human resources, which will lead to low productivity, waste rate, long production time, causing the user can not find a suitable mechanical processing and other issues.
According to the survey, more than 80% of people in some of the parts to be machined, often look flawless. Machinery industry, processing plants dazzling, but the quality is uneven, the face of such a mixed situation, how to quickly select a service to meet the needs of the manufacturers is particularly important. Service Level machinery industry has been lagging far behind other sectors, especially in the current popularity of the Internet thinking situation. Backward and the quality of the machinery industry information service has been a serious drag on. In this case, the “quick screening” came into being.
Speed ​​screening, dedicated to colleges and universities, small and medium enterprises provide one-stop rapid machining services. Speed ​​screening process on their own strength, and supporting oxidation plants, electroplating plants, polishing factory, welding factory formed strategic cooperation, to provide users with one-stop service. In speed screening process, only need to provide drawings to be processed, other things will speed screening all set.
Speed ​​screening of e-business models
Collaborative Manufacturing cloud platform, users and manufacturing resources through information, intelligence collaborative manufacturing platform connected;
So that the need for processing plants have the resources and users on the platform convenient for machining parts and processing resources required to manage the process of realization of the depth of collaboration;
Speed ​​plus Netcom optimize the allocation of resources for processing and scheduling, making idle processing resources are fully utilized, effectively explore the areas of expertise of different plants, and to the limit.
“To create” focus, extreme, and word of mouth, fast “service, with their own meager power to change traditional industries will be our great mission!” Tian said the chairman.


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