The development of high-end CNC machine tools to cultivate new forms and new models

On the day of 2016, the integration of the machinery industry in the two conference held in Beijing science and technology hall. The meeting pointed out enterprise to promote standards and two of the fusion into the transformation and upgrading of the overall concept, adhere to the innovation driven, in intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, around the market demand, the new forms a new mode of cultivation, create new competitive advantages.
Data show that high-end CNC machine tools, domestic CNC system market share of only 5%. Analysts believe that high-end CNC machine tools in the domestic market promotion is the bottleneck in the development of the industry where, once the breakthrough, import substitution in sight. Next, the country is expected to introduce domestic CNC technology to support the application of the policy.
As a developing country with a weak foundation and a late start in China, there is a huge gap between the capital, technology and human resource quality in Europe and the United States. In human resources, land, capital, technology and information these five major factors of production, China has a certain advantage in the number of human resources. How to improve the overall quality of human resources, and give full play to the role of high-quality personnel?
Domestic top robot production enterprises in the branch of SIASUN Co., Ltd. orders increased rapidly, customers are only concentrated in the automotive field, but this year has been involved in various fields of daily use, food, chemical, etc.. “Approaching machine substitutions” era, the traditional workers decide on what path to follow?


China from a big manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, scholars believe that China not only to from personnel training efforts, gestation alongside Germany and manufacturing power industrial and cultural spirit, but also to avoid the enterprise in lean did not meet the blind engaged in automation advanced waste caused by.
July 12 morning 9 when, the second session of the Texas City workers vocational skills competition opening type held in Shandong pulisen group school auditorium, the contestants on behalf of the opening type a solemn oath. Next, they will use the superb skills and excelsior attitude, to show their artisan spirit belongs to.
“OEM robot” will not affect employment? 12. In 2016 world robotics conference news conference after the end, 2016 world robot general assembly, the Secretary General Xu Xiaolan accepted reporters said this: will not affect employment, on the contrary, it will provide more jobs.
Ministry of industry and information technology to develop the robot industry development norms, is currently seeking the views of relevant experts and enterprises. At a press conference held in July 12th at the 2016 world robotics conference, the Ministry of industry, deputy director of the Department of equipment industry Sun Feng announced the information to the outside world.