The learning process of Mechanical Specialties

I’ve been busy lately, and I haven’t updated my blog for some time. Let’s talk about the latest ideas.

Compared with other majors, mechanical students have their own unique characteristics in their study and life, and our practice is very much. Not only to learn the book, but also to know how to use it. The purpose of specialized courses is to apply and to study and apply these knowledge in practice. A lot of knowledge, we seem to learn, in fact, more complex than imagined. In practice, experience and understanding of knowledge, learning, this is the machine learning method of students. Next, I want to combine mechanical professional learning content, from the following three aspects to talk about the practical ability in mechanical students learning life importance.
Metalworking practice is a very meaningful summer internship. During the internship, I came into contact with casting, welding, welding, fitter, machine tools, CNC wire cutting, heat treatment, CNC milling machine and other mechanical processing means, these things I used only in books have a certain understanding of concrete are not particularly clear. Through hands-on operation, I can master the basic processing methods of these machines well. On the other hand, the internship experience let me have a specific and vivid understanding of mechanical industry, know their future working environment and mode of operation is a series of production equipment in the production workshop, design and machining and mechanical machining products in accordance with the strict requirements. In the metalworking practice, the teacher asked us to approach the actual production and working system as closely as possible, which made us feel very different from the class in the classroom, and realized the importance of discipline in production. We must strictly abide by the processing standards, according to production steps, step by step processing, processing qualified parts, put an end to waste of raw materials. In practice, the security problem is the priority among priorities, to wear long sleeved pants, wearing a hat, to prevent the relatively high temperature of the iron splashed on the skin and hair. In strict accordance with the operating procedures processing, always pay attention to their personal safety.
During the internship, I also met a lot of strange professional terms, such as lathe chuck, handle, wire rod, wheel flange bushing; the connecting rod of automobile gearbox; different tool has many names, such as thread cutter, cutting knife, knife, car inner hole lining the hole tool, round nose turning, turning, rough finishing tool etc.. This greatly stimulated my thirst for knowledge. In the process of lathe practice, I want to process an axle. In order to ensure the accuracy of processing, there are three processing steps: rough, semi fine and fine. These three order can not be reversed, the difference is that each processing process to select the tool is not the same. 60 degree turning tools are selected for rough cars, 45 degree turning tools for semi precision cars, 30 degree turning tools for precision cars. Fitter Practice is tired and busy, three days time we saw and grinding, most of the time to complete the station. CNC lathes, wire cutting, CNC milling machine, mold, CAD, SolidWorks, PLC, these are about programming, although usually heard of, but in practice, it is not easy to use. In the process of programming, according to the processing parts, in strict accordance with the processing order and processing size programming. Otherwise it could damage the machine. See, students, a simple metalworking practice has such a rich content, you can let people learn so many things, you can see the importance of the practice link. Mechanical design, curriculum, comprehensive practice. After the course of mechanical design, the following is the comprehensive practice of mechanical design. I’m going to design a transmission. I encountered a lot of problems during the design of this transmission. First of all, to choose what mechanical components to realize deceleration effect, is the choice of belt wheel, worm gear or gear? According to the design of the reducer precision of production and application conditions, and applying conditions combined with the types of the three kinds of drive, I finally chose to use gear reducer to realize the purpose of. The gear drive is determined. The next step is to select the series of gears and the basic parameters of the gear according to the transmission ratio. These items are to be obtained by looking up the mechanical design manual. After determining the gear, I will further determine the phase matched with the gear shaft, keys, bearings, bearing cover etc., these structures have chosen design standards, according to the manual to determine their size parameters, machining precision and corresponding tolerance. After the completion of the design tasks, but also through three-dimensional modeling software to design their own things modeled. The process of modeling is very complicated. First, the required parts are built up to form a part library, and then the equipment is equipped in the parts library to generate the 3D model. After the 3D model is generated, the engineering drawings of the 3D model are further generated, and a more formal drawing is produced. This is the main process of this practice course. It has many things to do, including mechanical design, mechanical manufacture, 3D modeling and engineering drawing.