China’s machine tool industry, “eighteen Luohan factory”

Before the founding of new China, China has no machine tool industry, only in Shanghai and other places a small number of enterprises to create some simple machine tools. In 1952, the central government held in Beijing, the first machine conference, for the future development of China’s machine tool industry set the tone. Since then, with reference to the former Soviet experts suggested that China in the three years of national economic recovery and “one five” period, through the transformation and construction of some of the machinery plant, the initial establishment of China’s machine tool industry, which identified 18 key enterprises, They are called “eighteen Lohan factory”.

Metal processing “(formerly” mechanical workers “) 60 years since the beginning, in the machine tool industry, including the field of metal processing has a profound historical accumulation, not only recorded the” 18 Rohan factory “many important historical moments, and the first report of China’s machine Many of the major technological achievements in the field.

Now the new China machine tool industry, “18 Rohan factory” list in the following, the order roughly from north to south area: Qiqihar first machine tool plant, Qiqihar second machine tool plant, Shenyang first machine tool plant, Shenyang second machine tool plant, Shenyang First Machine Tool Plant, Dalian Machine Tool Plant, Beijing First Machine Tool Plant, Beijing No.2 Machine Tool Plant, Tianjin First Machine Tool Plant, Jinan First Machine Tool Plant, Jinan Second Machine Tool Plant, Chongqing Machine Tool Plant, Nanjing Machine Tool Plant, Wuxi Machine Tool Plant, Wuhan heavy machine tool plant, Changsha Machine Tool Plant, Shanghai Machine Tool Plant and Kunming Machine Tool Plant. Among them, the Shenyang Machine Tool Plant, Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Plant was included in the early founding of the “156 key construction projects.”

In the early days of the founding of the PRC, the Soviet Union had a positive impact on the creation and development of China’s machine tool industry. On the one hand, the Soviet Union of China’s mechanical technology experts and China’s Soviet Union to return to the country’s engineering and technical personnel in the plant to guide the application of advanced manufacturing technology (see Figure 1); the other hand, our producers continue to learn a variety of Soviet production practice experience (Such as Figure 2), such as the two machine tools Ma Hengchang group, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant Sheng, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant, the Shanghai Machine Tool Plant, Lee (invention “carbide bench stepper”), etc., “mechanical workers” have done for many years of continuous reports, far-reaching impact.